Trademark Registration Services

Whether you have already established a business or on the verge of initiating, registration of trademark is must. Find out some of the most obvious benefits of trademark registration:

Benefits of trademark registration:

  • A registered trade mark serve you with an authority to take legal action against anyone who is using it intentionally or unintentionally without your consent
  • A registered trade mark is akin to your property, you can sell it, franchise it or even issue license for others to use it
  • Trademark if registered provide legal protection to your brand by enabling preventing others from trading
  • A registered trademark help you win a head over competition among competitors
  • A registered trademark make your brand, name, recognition and goodwill populous among audience

Our trademark registration services include:

  • Comprehensive trademark search
  • Facilitate easy registration
  • Trademark filing & registration
  • Legal rights and better protection of your mark
  • Preparation of trademark renewal
  • Post-renewal proceedings

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