Audit & Assurance

Undoubtedly, whether you are listed company, a private business enterprise or a LLP, you are surrounded with greater governance responsibilities and prevalent risks than ever before. And during this tough regime, what can be greater than an assurance assistance that safeguard risks and help business progress through leaps and bounds.

Audits and performed for variety of reasons, to define its true and fair purpose, audit ascertain:

  • Details of what is owned and what the organisation owes properly recorded in the balance sheet
  • Whether profits or losses are properly assessed or not..

For whatever purpose you inculcate audits, we work with clients to understand their unique business requirements to ensure authenticity, reliability and accuracy in detailing financial statements. We put together an integrated approach to help you escape the complexity of financial data so that growth and success can be retained for longer.

We offer the following services:

  • We begin with comprehensive examination of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards
  • Review financial statements, analytical procedures to determine adequacy of policies
  • Due diligence assistance on acquisition, mergers and joint ventures
  • Ascertain reliability and effectiveness of management data thus developed
  • Evaluate whether reports presented are consistent in delivering desired results

We advise on:

  • Audit of educational institutions
  • Statutory audit ( Tax Audit Under Income Tax Act 1961)
  • Internal audit
  • System & management audit
  • Concurrent and Income & Expenditure audit
  • Stock audit
  • Due diligence
  • Certification work

Statutory audits under the Companies Act, 1956

Did you know every company registered in India is required to get its accounts audited whether it is public or private. We at Rao & Emmar possess a requisite knowledge and skills to conduct audit of company's and ensure unbiased and independent opinion on an objective assessment of facts. Our audit programmed will allow you to form an opinion as whether financial statements depicts true profitability of company for a certain review period or not.

While conducting a statutory audit we ensure:

  • A structured audit programme to ensure reliability of annual accounts of company and its true and fair representation before authorities
  • Comply with generally accepted accounting principles to ensure usability and authenticity
  • Verifying accuracy of financial data input
  • Verifying authorization levels & limits
  • Validation and verification of cash balance, fixed assets, bank reconciliation statements and so on

We supersede individual requirements by maintaining complete, accurate information and financial statements.

Manage risk, manage complexity with quality audit services. Set forth to make improvements in your financial systems and controls today!

Internal Audits

In order to keep our clients abreast about the recurrent standards and requirements for certifications, we provide entire range of internal auditing solutions that fits well with businesses. We ensure that your systems, processes remain aligned in terms of risks and other business objectives by regularly reviewing as well as delivering internal auditing services.

Our internal auditing services include:

  • Identify risky business areas
  • Prioritise an absolutely clear direction and path for management
  • Work towards enhancing the systems of governance, risk by finding basic control options

Audit of educational institutions (EI's)

An audit is an independent and systematic external evaluation. It begins right from ensuring whether the quality system of a higher education institution is fit for purpose and functioning, agreed criteria. Here, focus and emphasis is placed on the procedures that the institution uses to maintain and develop the quality of its operations.

Our team of educational auditors focuses on:

  • The quality policy of the higher education institution
  • Strategic & operational management
  • Quality management of several institution's duties
  • Income from investments
  • Income from donations & grants
  • Audits of assets
  • Audit of liabilities

Stock Audits

Our dedicated team of financial consultants, auditors and chartered accountants holds years of industrial experience by advising clients on receipt and issues, sale and stock taking of stores and regulations governing purchases.

Our stock audit services specially made its availability for those who face difficulties in controlling various types of stocks. Under our stock auditing services, one obtains a valid chance of controlling cost of the stocks. Detailed checking of stock already exists in records and physical verification of all stocks focus towards providing right solutions to clients.

Due Diligence

While making an acquisition, investor often ponder a certain set of questions inclined with cash flow, future earnings, performance improvements and obtaining healthy returns overtime. At Rao & Emmar, we help you get and obtain all that are scalable as well as flexible to your organization expansion and grow.

Our major consulting areas involve:

  • Business/ Commercial Due Diligence
  • Tax & Regulatory Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence

We're focused towards offering due diligence process that is flexible as well as responsive.