Firm Profile

Rao & Emmar is a CA Firm dedicated to help businesses increase profitability, efficiency and growth. It is our mission to help clients achieve immediate sustainable results that enhance profitability year after year. We act as your right advisor and a profit coach to sustain, manage and increase not only your professional life but also personal.

Get the highest standard of professional advice from us. We don't operate on a one size fits all approach, instead we treat every client individually and deliver customized services which best meet with requirements. Our success is directly related as well as inclined with the success of our clients. We deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, friendly and cost-efficient manner. Facilitating our clients overcome the challenges that the modern business has imposed is the core strategy that we brings in to grow, sustain and succeed organizational goals and challenges.

Over complexities of tax laws, distorted, complicated financial statements, prevalent business risks indicates it's time to seek advice and support of experienced professionals. Contact us to arrange a meeting, receive excellent and jargon free advice.